Tell Jeff Bezos & Amazon: Cut Your Ties to ICE:

Prime Day Coalition petition demanding that Amazon cut ties with Palantir and ICE.

Join the Resistance!

Join, support, and amplify the brilliant local & national groups who are working together to protect our communities. Each of these groups post frequent calls to action and announcements– the movement in building quickly, so please follow actively on social media and share with friends and neighbors.

Support and Follow STOP: The Surveillance Technology Oversight Project of the Urban Justice Center

S.T.O.P. litigates and advocates for the privacy, fighting excessive local and state-level surveillance. Their work highlights the discriminatory impact of surveillance on Muslim Americans, immigrants, and communities of color.

Follow Science for the People

Connect to learn about actions, publications, and public events related to technology, science, and social justice.

Archived Actions:

CUNY students, faculty, staff, and alumni:

Sign and share our open letter to the CUNY Board of Trustees, demanding that they address Amazon’s relationship to ICE, and the impact of these business practices on our students and communities.

Tech Workers:

Sign the NYC-DSA Tech Action pledge to REFUSE to work for Amazon if they open their new HQ2 in Queens.

Sign the PrimedOut NYC Petition:

Join your neighbors in telling the governor and mayor that we oppose the deal to bring Amazon to NYC.

CUNY vs Amazon petition:

Sign CRAASH’s petition demanding that CUNY administrators not collaborate with Amazon, and not sell out our students to an unethical corporation.

Tell Amazon: Stop Powering ICE!

Read the Mijente report “Who’s Behind ICE” and sign their petition demanding that Amazon drop its contracts with DHS and cease its support of immigration surveillance and detention.